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AirBnb’s effects on the hotel industry

Laboratoire Dynamiques Sociales et Recomposition des Espaces - PARIS - 2020

Our research project will deal with the transformations AirBnB has caused in the hotel sector and the threat it poses to existing companies. The project will quantify the potential impact of AirBnb’s arrival on the hotel market. From the variations of the hotel occupancies and their characteristics (occupants’ nationality, etc.) we will establish a quantitative estimation of the transformations in the sector. Two specific production models have been identified, which separate very efficient hotels (not threatened by AirBnb) from less efficient and consequently more fragile ones. We will validate or invalidate these models and their characteristics, and then evaluate the impact of AirBnb on each model. The initial hypothesis being that AirBnb’s effects are not the same. We will thus cross reference variables in size, status and quality to estimate the variations of hotel occupancies. We are well aware that the survey does not contain any data on AirBnb and that the impact of AirBnb will have to be established.