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Evaluation of the reception and integration contract

Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d'évaluations des politiques publiques - Sciences Po - PARIS - 2020

This study aims to assess the impact of the Reception and Integration Contract (French CAI) on the integration of immigrants in France. The proposed methodology is to compare, in each department, the degree of integration of immigrants who arrived in France before the introduction of the CAI (and who therefore did not sign the CAI) with that of immigrants who arrived afterwards (and therefore benefited from the CAI). To do this, we will seek access to data from the 2011 population census and employment surveys. This study contributes innovation compared to existing studies: the Longitudinal Survey on the Integration of First-Time Immigrants (French ELIPA) and the European INTEC (French National Institute of Economic and Accounting Techniques) study, which solely base their conclusions on examining outcomes among those who have signed the CAI. Indeed, in order to assess the effect of the CAI, it is essential to compare the degree of integration of CAI participants with that of immigrants not having participated in the CAI program.