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Years : 2019

Producer : Ministry of Environment (SDES)

The Individual Mobility Survey was conducted face-to-face (by INSEE interviewers) between May 2018 and April 2019, in 6 waves of 2 months each, covering 20,000 households in metropolitan France. The methodology of the survey makes it representative of individuals aged 6 years and over. Furthermore, an additional oversample of 1,150 homes (drawn from the INSEE Fidéli file) was carried out in order to survey the Priority Neighborhoods of the City Policy (QPV). Finally, the methodology of the Individual Mobility Survey does not allow us to guarantee regional representativeness (contrary to the previous ENTD survey which had over-sampled some regions). The survey began with a census of the household's vehicle equipment, and then a Kish individual (drawn by the first birthday in the calendar year method) continued the survey (census of movements and travels). The distances travelled are variables that are usually poorly known by respondents to travel surveys and have required significant methodological work to be able to consolidate them. The tables made available do indeed contain these consolidated distances for each trip, as well as the distances initially declared and an indicator showing the presence of any correction. The calculation of greenhouse gas emissions per trip requires more complete work, which will be undertaken soon. The tables including these variables will be made available at a later date.

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