CASD-IA project

CASD-IA (Artificial Intelligence) service aims to increase the pace of research involving massive datasets…

AI and Big data technologies are currently being deployed in a sustained manner because of the rise in the volume of collected data. This raises the question of security and identification risks, which have become subjects of preoccupation, often limiting research and innovation.

Innovative Feature of the CASD-IA:

  • IT security management: with patented innovative technology (the SD-Box) that has proven its efficiency and been recognized for its excellency.
  • Confidentiality management and risk management of re-identification.
  • Integrating Big Data solutions in an intelligent and thorough way: Hadoop ecosystem along with multiple data processing Frameworks (machine Learning, deep Learning).

Next steps for Big Data in companies:

Supplying a high and homogenous level of security will enable high potential data matching between different secure platforms. Consequently, CASD-IA, using this technology, is to play a trusted third party role between companies and between companies and users.

The CASD-IA compartment builds on a dynamic technical platform to offer a dedicated service for innovation in terms of high volume data analytics (Tera and Peta bytes).

The confidential nature of data hosted at CASD requires extreme security guarantees. Big Data often offers inadequate levels of security for an external user accessing confidential data. The physical and software isolation provided by CASD’s technology makes it possible to overcome this.

Several actions are currently under way:

  • Industrializing the platform, almost “plug and play” in a corporate environment or any institution owning data.
  • Integrating an powerful anonymisation module compatible.
  • Adding GPU resources (for “deep learning” and other AI applications) to the resource catalogue (i.e. CPUs, RAM, storage capacity)
  • “Inter-connect” the platform to other platforms through a trusted third party, enabling data matching, without any data owner losing control over their data.

Use CASD-IA to give more value to your data:

CASD-IA teams are at your entire disposal:

  • If you wish to experiment with these new technologies on your data
  • If you wish to work on a partner’s data and bring guarantee total data security, we can provide answers as trusted third party.

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