Installing an SD-box is simple and requires only minimal preparation:

0 : Power switch
1 : VGA or HDMI cable (screen is not included)
2 : Plugs for mouse and keyboard (both not included)
3 : Plug for Ethernet cable (cable not included)
4 : Plug for electric cord (power supply unit included with the SD-Box)


  • To use the SD-Box, simply plug in a screen, mouse and keyboard and use Ethernet (RJ45) material.
  • To start the SD-Box, press the “on” switch at the back of it. The VGA or HDMI cable must be plugged in before you start the SD-Box.
  • An SD-Box is by default configured in DHCP and will lock onto its IP number, if you use a DHCP port.
  • CASD must be provided with the IP public address or an IP output range through which the SD-Box is to be connected.


  • Using the arrow buttons, choose NETWORK then DHCP (press “up” arrow) or “IP Statique” (press “down” arrow).
  • If ever the IP is manually configured, enter: address, mask, gateway, DNS1, DNS2 using the arrow buttons.
  • You need to know the MAC address for the SD-Box, choose INFORMATIONS in the main menu.
  • If you are using a proxy, configure the IP address and the port on the SD-Box using the PROXY menu (it should not require authentification).
  • We ask that the SD-Box be able to connect using the 443 port to at least one of the following addresses: ( and/or (


  • The SD-Box has a VGA and HDMI output and can withstand many resolutions. To configure it, choose DISPLAY in the configuration menu and use the arrow buttons, then press OK.


  • When all is configured, and after rebooting, the SD-box will show “Service Starting”. If all goes well, it will show the serial number (SDBOX-X-9999) as well as the message: “You may connect”.
  • You should then leave your SD-Box powered day and night. It will automatically download and install security updates.


  • If any issue arises, an error message will appear (i.e. No_Link, DHCP_Error, Unreachable_gateway, no_DNS_resolution, unreachable_sstp_server, unknown_error).
  • No_LINK: Check your network cable
  • APIPA_Detected, DHCP_Error, Unreachable_gateway: Check your network configuration.
  • Unreachable_sstp_server: Be sure to have already sent us the technical form for the IP address of your institution hosting the SD-Box.