A fully-operational virtual workspace for each project

Every CASD user works within a workspace shared only with other project members. This enables more freedom in the management of the workspace customization.

This work environment, closely resembling Windows, includes a wide range of software (office, statistics, calculation, etc.), and more can be added upon user request.

Source data for which the project is cleared are available; you can pull them up on your screen or launch a treatment.

To preserve data confidentiality, the environment is sealed off and isolated. It is, therefore, not connected to the Internet, and you won’t be able to print or copy any files on a flashdrive.

To import data or export results, specific procedures are strictly followed, namely CASD verifying data files. Regarding exports, data files are checked so the results respect the confidentiality rules decided by the data depositor (Statistical secrecy, fiscal secrecy…). For more information, please read the CASD user guide.