Initiated in 2009 as a steering committee for the Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d’Economie et Statistique (GENES) and INSEE, CASD is one of the 5 entities alongside Ensae Paristech, Ensai, UMR CREST and Cepe.

GENES has always been at the crossroads between public statistics and research. This specificity has overseen the development and creation of CASD to allow its users secure access to detailed public data.

Since 2011, CASD has become an “Equipment of Excellence” (Equipex) co-financed by the State, while GENES is the coordinator of the consortium of the 5 partners. In this regard it manages the ongoing development, implementation and operations of CASD.

In 2012, CASD was made a full entity of GENES, giving it more visibility on an international level.

Organizational chart of GENES