Contracting with CASD

Standard Project

Once you are authorized to access the data, CASD must clear you for:

1. Signing contracts
2. Participation in an enrolment session


CASD is a paid-for service and is conditioned to preliminary contracting, in the following manner:

CASD service contract

Service contracts must be signed by the financing institutions, through purchase orders, your use of CASD and/or any SD-Boxes. Such institutions can be different from the one financing another SD-Box. There can thus be different institutions financing different SD-Boxes.

However there can be only one financer for services linked directly to the project. The number of Hosting orders corresponds to the number of SD-Boxes (for each identified host institution).


Purchase order(s) signed by the person authorized to financially commit the legal entity financing the project and/or SD-Box, after negotiation according to the researcher’s needs (see pricelist).

Hosting order(s) must be signed by the legal representative of the entity described as the host of an SD-Box.

The technical form, available on our website, completed online for hosting an SD-Box.

USER Contracts (also named “cgu”)

Signed by every member of a project during the enrolment session (attendance mandatory for each user), this document manages the “user service” aspects. One CGU per user must be signed.

Example of a subcription’s cost

A project starts on 1 August 2018 with 2 users, one being a doctoral/post-doctoral student, for 12 months (min. subscription for a new project) and requires configuration 1 (2 vcPU, 8 GB and 200 GB HDD).

Besides, the Financing Institution would like to pay 2 data ccess points (SD-Box) which will be used for the purpose of (but not limited to) this project starting on 1 August 2018 for 12 months.

* a 50% discount on the monthly user subscription is applied for the last teammember being a doctoral/post-doctoral student (subject to the provision of a proper justification).

Reminder : the monthly user access subscription does not include the SD-Box rental. The latter can be funded separately from the former.

In this example, the total amount the Financing Institution will be invoiced is 2 723.00€ (excl. VAT) for 12 months according to the Purchase Order below:


To receive these contracts, please contact

So that we may open your access and ship (if need be) an SD-Box, the listed documents must be sent back to us signed and completed, by post or to

For more information please consult the CASD user guide.

Health Data Procedure


Article 193 of the new health law aims to open access to health data, while strengthening security requirements. In this context, ATIH (technical agency for information on hospitalization) chose CASD to make hospital data securely available to users.

Since March 2016, ATIH has relied on CASD’s experience to ensure protection of this sensitive data and its accessibility.

CASD, which began in 2009, supplies secure access to data for researchers, consultants, etc. in a variety of areas (economics, sociology, health, agronomy…) throughout France and Europe. According to the frequent customer surveys which CASD carries out, a large majority of users love the ergonomics, flexibility, and quality of service offered.

Working on health data (PMSI) through CASD

Every database request must first be approved by the CNIL. Please go to the ATIH website for more information.

Follow these steps:

1. Generate a quotation proposal with CASD’s online simulator then send it to so we can adjust it to your needs before producing a official quotation (see below “Generate a quotation proposal”).

2. Validate and sign the final quotation sent by CASD.

3. Retrieve and complete the ATIH database request. The reference of the quotation CASD sent you and its amount is to be written in the corresponding section on this document. Then send the completed form, along with your CNIL authorization, to ATIH for validation.

4. Contract with CASD so your company can finance your access through CASD and host one or more SD-Boxes. A CASD service contract and a Hosting order will be sent to you. They must be signed by a legal representative of the company.

5. Participate in orientation (“enrolment session”) during which a biometric card will be given to you after you have signed the user contracts. Please follow this link to register for an enrolment session.

6. Access data through the SD-Box once steps 4 and 5 have been validated

Generate a quotation proposal

Billing your access to health data through CASD is not connected to the access rights granted and also billed by ATIH.

CASD bills the costs for accessing health data (see example below).

So as to accompany you in the best possible way in establishing a service offer adapted to your needs, we have our online simulator at your disposal.

In order to answer your needs ASAP, please follow these steps:

1. First the simulator will produce a quotation based on information you provide. This proposal is not an official offer and, as such, is not legally binding.

2. As soon as you have a simulated quotation that best reflects your needs, email, indicating the reference of this simulated document, or attach it to your email.

3. CASD will contact you with a confirmation or a request for more information. Once the final document, resulting from your exchanges with CASD, is signed by a legal representative, it will count as a purchase order.

EXAMPLE (for informational purposes only): A project carried out by a four-person team for 6 months, requiring an SD-Box and a VM1 Configuration (2 cores, 16 GB RAM & 500 GB disk space) would amount to 2 454.00 EUR, meaning 613.50 EUR per user to access health data over that period of time.

Below is the breakdown from the Price List

  • Rental and maintenance of the SD-Box for 6 months: 6 x 35.00 = 210.00 €
  • Monthly subscription and technical assistance for 6 months per user: 4 x 6 x 29.00 = 696.00 €
  • Monthly rental for 6 months and maintenance of the server (OS, server space, virtual machine, statistics software included in the base offer*): 6 x 258.00 = 1 548.00 €

* Base offer : R, RStudio, Stata, Latex, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office (user license included), SAS (requires an existing user license with proof)

Additional options are also available, according to the needs expressed by users. See Price List.

Along with these fixed costs, CASD can bill additional man-months when initial server configurations need adjusting (this includes additional software to ensure feasibility). Contact

Private project

Disseminate your company data

In this “all-digital” age, data produced and held by companies are an invaluable source of information and often an untapped goldmine. Processing, analyzing and securing the data is a crucial stake; whether for prospective purposes, strategy setting or adaptation to the sector’s competition.

Sadly, the data do not always have an infrastructure to house them, with calculation capacity or necessary tools to favor their use while respecting confidentiality and security regulations.

Adapted services

CASD offers a vast choice of services enabling companies to analyse, process and make data produced available to third parties, whatever the volume, in optimal conditions in terms of security.

These services, in partnership with Datastorm (dissemination outlet of GENES), rest on a contractual and technical match guaranteeing the confidentiality of data, from one end of the chain to the other – from deposit within our infrastructure to their availability to authorized users. All this in a safe work space adapted to every user. (see service Price List)

Contact us

Many private entities – banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, transportation, etc. (see our Partnerships) – have trusted CASD and Datastorm to make their project come to life.

Contact our service dedicated to the private sector.