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Disseminate your company data

In this “all-digital” age, data produced and held by companies are an invaluable source of information and often an untapped goldmine. Processing, analyzing and securing the data is a crucial stake; whether for prospective purposes, strategy setting or adaptation to the sector’s competition.

Sadly, the data do not always have an infrastructure to house them, with calculation capacity or necessary tools to favor their use while respecting confidentiality and security regulations.

Adapted services

CASD offers a vast choice of services enabling companies to analyse, process and make data produced available to third parties, whatever the volume, in optimal conditions in terms of security.

These services, in partnership with Datastorm (dissemination outlet of GENES), rest on a contractual and technical match guaranteeing the confidentiality of data, from one end of the chain to the other – from deposit within our infrastructure to their availability to authorized users. All this in a safe work space adapted to every user. (see service Price List)

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Many private entities – banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, transportation, etc. (see our Partnerships) – have trusted CASD and Datastorm to make their project come to life.

Contact Datastorm or our service dedicated to the private sector.