Standard Projects

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Once you are authorized to access the data, CASD must clear you for:

1. Signing contracts
2. Participation in an enrolment session



CASD is a paid-for service and is conditioned to preliminary contracting, in the following manner:


CASD service contract

Service contracts must be signed by the financing institutions, through purchase orders, your use of CASD and/or any SD-Boxes. Such institutions can be different from the one financing another SD-Box. There can thus be different institutions financing different SD-Boxes.

However there can be only one financer for services linked directly to the project. The number of Hosting orders corresponds to the number of SD-Boxes (for each identified host institution).



Purchase order(s) signed by the person authorized to financially commit the legal entity financing the project and/or SD-Box, after negotiation according to the researcher’s needs (see pricelist).

Hosting order(s) must be signed by the legal representative of the entity described as the host of an SD-Box.

The technical form, available on our website, completed online for hosting an SD-Box.


USER Contracts (also named “cgu”)

Signed by every member of a project during the enrolment session (attendance mandatory for each user), this document manages the “user service” aspects. One CGU per user must be signed.


Example of a subcription’s cost

A project starts on 1 August 2018 with 2 users, one being a doctoral/post-doctoral student, for 12 months (min. subscription for a new project) and requires configuration 1 (2 vcPU, 8 GB and 200 GB HDD).

Besides, the Financing Institution would like to pay 2 data ccess points (SD-Box) which will be used for the purpose of (but not limited to) this project starting on 1 August 2018 for 12 months.

* a 50% discount on the monthly user subscription is applied for the last teammember being a doctoral/post-doctoral student (subject to the provision of a proper justification).

Reminder : the monthly user access subscription does not include the SD-Box rental. The latter can be funded separately from the former.

In this example, the total amount the Financing Institution will be invoiced is 2 723.00€ (excl. VAT) for 12 months according to the Purchase Order below:


To receive these contracts, please contact

So that we may open your access and ship (if need be) an SD-Box, the listed documents must be sent back to us signed and completed, by post or to

For more information please consult the CASD user guide.