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Consumption of opioid and gabapentinoid analgesics and the care pathway of patients with chronic musculoskeletal and low back pain: a study from the CONSTANCES cohort (CONSOGADOL)

Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris - PARIS - 2022

Chronic non-cancer pain is present in 20-30% of the population and is responsible for a significant impact on quality of life. Despite a non-drug-based management recommendation, drug treatments remain widely used, even in the long-term treatment and with low efficacy. Opioid drugs are prescribed in 17.5% of the French population and gabapentinoids drugs in 5% of it.
The main objective is to describe the prevalence of the opioids and gabapentinoids drug delivery for the management of chronic non-cancer musculoskeletal pains in the CONSTANCES cohort.