Price List

Prices for computation using CASD hosted data for computation (research and studies) : INFRASEC-A

Rates applicable from 01/01/20231

Subsidised rates
Access point
Monthly subscription per SD-Box 37,00 €/ month
Basic Offer
“Standard” CASD Package excl. access point

Incl. : Server configuration 1, access for 1 user, a 20-output package over project duration, MS Office standard pack for academics (for all project members over the whole duration of the subscription)

253,00 € / month2
Extra Services or Items*
Access Fees (incl. enrolment session and smartcard for access, per user) User 1 0,00 € / month
User 2 + 39,00 € / month
User 3 + 37,00 € / month
User 4 + 32,00 € / month
User 5 + 27,00 € / month
User 6+ + 22,00 € / month
Server Configuration 2 + 74,00 € / month
Server Configuration 3 + 147,00 € / month
Server Configuration 4 + 327,00 € / month
Server Configuration 5 + 466,00 € / month
GPGPU card (Nvidia Tesla T4 or equivalent) + 191,00 € / month
20-output package subject to manual checks over the whole project duration Included in “Standard“ CASD Package for a first subscription to our basic offer for any project subject to manual output checking
Additional 10-output package 318,00 €
Specific software installation on quotation
Option remote private enrolment3 750,00 €
Without MS Office standard pack for academics
(for all project members over the whole duration of the basic offer subscription . NB : LibreOffice available)
– 12.00 € / month
Additional Smartcard 27,00€
Option “Health Data Security Reference Framework” (session recording, etc.) +32,00€ / month / user
Repair / Non restitution of SD-Box 827,00€
Automatic extraction according to producers agreement and all safety norms 27,00€ / month

1 These rates are subject to change in accordance with article 114 of the HEBFI service contract.

2 Excluding access fees applicable to Health data.

3Subject to prior possession of an Access Point (SD-Box)


Capacity Suggested for
2 vCPU, 8 GB Random Access Memory; 200 GB disk space data less than 4 Gomaximum 2 users
3 vCPU, 12 GB Random Access Memory; 400 GB disk space data from 4 to 8 Gobetween 2 and 5 users
4 vCPU, 16 GB Random Access Memory; 600GB disk space data from 8 to 15 Gobetween 5 and 10 users
6 vCPU, 32 GB Random Access, 1 TBo disk space data from 15 to 25 Gobetween 10 and 20 users
8 vCPU, 64 GB Random Access, 1,5 TB disk space data more than 25 Gomore than 20 users

Main Billing and Payment Methods

The minimum duration for a project is one year (12 months).

The legal representative of the institution financing a project or access point must sign a contract with CASD.

Only one single legal entity can pay for the services relating to users’ data access as part of a “CASD research project”. However, it is possible to change the financing institution over the project lifecycle. The monthly subscription for the access point to the data (SD-Box) can be paid by an institution other than the institution financing the users’ data access services (one or several access points can now be financed by several legal institutions).

The legal representative of the institution(s) hosting one or several access point(s) must sign a contract with CASD.

Institutions pursuing research and public-interest study purposes as their main activity are automatically eligible for subsidised rates.

Students, PhD students and postdocs benefit from discounts funded by CASD and its partner organisations.

Only the access provision is a paying service. Access fees applied are meant to cover for (a part of) CASD’s running costs. The fees that may apply to the data come under the responsibility of the data producers themselves.

NB: you may want to give up on using the MS Office software suite, included in our basic offer. This is possible over the whole duration of your subscription and, compulsorily, for all the project members.  In this case, the project leader must inform us during the contract signing phase. This will eventually result in a 11 € discount applied on the basic offer monthly subscription (see price list above). Please note that the LibreOffice software suite is available in our secured working environments.

Use for specific secure bubble technology (public bodies and companies…) : INFRASEC-DMA

Quotation request

For any quotation request pertaining to CASD services for companies, please contact us:

Rates applicable from 01/01/2023*

Monthly subscription
(support and maintenance included)

Cost (excluding tax)

Monthly subscription – server configuration VM 1 : 2 cores, 16 GB RAM, HDD : 500 GB  




Includes hardware rental selected for the project, the OS and software available in the standard offer (*), as well as related maintenance

€ 601.00
Monthly subscription – server configuration VM 2 : 4 cores, 32 GB RAM, HDD : 1000 GB € 975.00
Monthly subscription – server configuration VM 3 : 6 cores, 64 GB RAM, HDD : 1500 GBo € 1,284.00
Monthly subscription – server configuration VM 4 : 8 cores, 128 GB RAM, HDD : 2000 GB € 1,929.00
Monthly subscription – server configuration VM 5 : 16 cores, 256 GB RAM, HDD: 4 TB € 3,234.00
CASD-IA Configuration (GPGPU)   On Request
Monthly subscription – Access Point (SD-Box) Includes hardware rental, OS and related maintenance. € 53.00
Monthly subscription – User access (per user) Includes participation in an enrolment session, delivery of individual smartcard, user account creation, and technical support. € 63.00
Monthly Subscription – Extra Storage (1 To) + 1 To extra storage added to server configuration VM 5 above (backup included) € 308.00
Automatic output system Automatic extraction from the Datalab, according to a personalized development procedure and subject to data producers agreement and all security norms € 27.00
MS Office standard pack MS Office standard pack for all project members over the whole duration of the basic subscription (LibreOffice available) On Request
Option remote private enrolment Subject to prior possession of an Access Point (SD-Box) € 750.00
Repair / non restitution of SD-Box Lump sum automatically invoiced to Host institution in case of non-restitution or destruction of an access point (SD-Box) € 827.00

* These rates are subject to change in accordance with article 114 of the HEBFI service contract.

Initial prices for the implementation (except CASD-IA) Cost (excluding tax)
Secured workspace creation, administrative and contractual phase, data access preparation, etc. (Fixed rate applied at the project inception phase) € 2,120.00

Any request not included in our Price List will entail extra costs based on an hourly rate of 200.00 € / hour (excl. VAT). This rate will also be applied to any trip from our office in Malakoff to your premises needed for your project implementation and follow-up

Initial or ad-hoc prices   Effort (in hours)
Preliminary study for adding extra software (subject to compatibility) 3.00
Dedicated on-site enrolment session (excl. travel costs of our team members) 3.00
Software installation* Cost (excluding tax)
Adding software – very simple setup € 424.00
Adding software – simple setup € 848.00
Adding software – medium setup € 1,696.00
Adding software – complex setup € 3,392.00
Adding software – very complex setup € 6,784.00

(*) Standard sofware offer: R et R Studio, Stata, Latex, LibreOffice, SAS (only available upon receipt of an official certificate confirming that the user has the corresponding software license and use rights within CASD environment)