Yes, the enrolment session is an information session organized in CASD offices, as a high level of security is needed. At the end a signature of your fingerprint will be recorded on a smart card which you will be given. Without it you cannot access data.

Yes, if the documentation was provided by the data producer.

In this case, the Data Management team will ask the data producer. You will be kept informed.

You can send us your files (programs, tables …) by email (service@casd.eu), using the CASD secure platform (import.casd.eu), which handle heavy files well, or by coming to see us (USB key, CD-Rom…).

Important: for security reasons, we must check what comes and goes at CASD. We thus require a description of the files. By default files are put in the “common” project server space.

When you wish to retrieve files (results, programs…), you will be brought to generate a “CASD output”, as you cannot carry out your file from the closed environment.

Here is the following procedure:
• Insert in a specific folder the files you wish to export;
• Create an archive (.zip) with this folder ;
• Click right on the .zip file and select « Sortie CASD » ;
• Write down the 32 char key ;
• Click on « Valider » to finish.

Then send us an email (service@casd.eu) using the name of the project and the 32 char key in the object of the email.

Important: You must describe the content of your output in a text file to be included in your zip folder, so that the CASD can verify that the content is compliant with confidentiality rules.

From the onset of your project you have 20 outputs which you have three years to use. Mort outputs can be ordered. The price for an output reflects 30 minutes of verification by CASD staff. So an export can amount to more than a unit (if it requires more than 30 minutes to check) or less (if it requires less than 30 minutes).

Your request for an output will be addressed only if you have sufficient output credits. Otherwise we will ask you to order a credit package

Example: If your first output request requires 10 minutes to be treated by the Data Magaement team then a second request requires 35 minutes, the total will amount to 1,5 outputs.

If you have the subsidized prices (see price list), you have to quote CASD, using precisely these terms:
• “Access to some confidential data, on which is based this work, has been made possible within a secure environment offered by CASD – Centre d’accès sécurisé aux données (Ref. 10.34724/CASD)”

In addition, you can use the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to accurately cite the data used to produce the results presented in your publications. The DOI for each data source is listed on the CASD website on the page describing the source.

The subscription linked to a project, meaning users and related services, can only be funded by one and only one legal entity. However an SD-box can be funded by a different legal entity, and several boxes may be funded by different legal entities.

No, only legal entities can pay.

It is not possible to pay CASD by credit card. Only bank transfers payable to the CASD are accepted. Payments are made exclusively in Euros. For payments by bank check, please contact us for more details : service@casd.eu

No, only in the premises of a legal entity.

Yes, by simply using the smart card.

12 months minimum. After that period, 6 months minimum.

The starting and closing dates (= billing period) are those written on the quotation which has been signed. They are agreed upon with the project leader and reflect the project needs.

Users can access data only once all these steps have been completed:
– authorizations delivered by relevant authorities
– contracts and quotation are signed
–At least one user has been enrolled
– sending an SD-Box (if relevant)

The first subscription starting date is the “anniversary date” upon which a subscription must be renewed. Contracts may be discontinued at that date.

Such accesses are subsidized. When a project has but one student, doctoral or postdoctoral, 444 EUR is discounted on the total yearly subscription price. If one or more, then a 50 % discount is granted on the latter accesses (in top down order on the pricelist). This rebate is granted only upon proof (student card for example).

Configuration, output packs, additional users, Additional SD-Box. For all these it is possible, just email us at: service@casd.eu.

Yes, all data are accessible from France, all countries of the European Union, and any of its associated countries subject to ongoing accreditation.

Access from North America (Canada and the United States only) to data is now possible from INSEE, the Ministry of Agriculture (SSP), the Ministry of Environment (SDES) and the Ministry of Labour (DARES) under certain conditions and may involve specific contractualization (please contact us for more details at service@casd.eu).

To obtain open access from North America to data, the researcher must be in one of the following two situations:
– a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, working in a Canadian or American university or research center,
– working at a university or research center or in a US or Canadian research center, as part of a research project conducted in partnership with a research center or a university of a Member State of the European Union.

Send your “North America” ​​access request to service@casd.eu who will forward it to the producers. Upon receipt of their response,  CASD will send you an email to guide you through the appropriate contracting process:

Case 1: If you currently only access INSEE / SSP / SDES / DARES data, CASD will contact you to find out about your access point needs (moving a current SD-Box, or renting a new device)

Case 2: If, in addition to the INSEE / SSP / SDES / DARES data, you access other data, CASD will create an additional “sub-project” whose environment/workspace will be isolated from that of your initial project and in which only INSEE / SSP / SDES / DARES data for which you are authorized will be accessible (these two data producers are currently the only ones authorizing access from North America to their data under certain conditions). This will also involve specific contracting and billing for an additional secure environment/workspace and at least one user subscription. The minimum duration of the subscription is 3 months.

It will be necessary for all users of the sub-project to come to our offices to enroll.

Absolutely. You need to send an email to service@casd.eu, and our services will send you the appropriate contractual documents. All services and maintenance of your workspace (operating system, server space, virtual machine, statistical processing software, etc.) remain unchanged.

Please note that an SD-box accepts current between 100 and 240V from 50 to 60Hz.  However, an adaptor plug will be required to connect to outlets that are not Europlug-compatible.

Yes. To access data while ensuring the highest levels of security, it is essential to attend an information and awareness session on our premises, where you will obtain the biometric access card.