Providing access to your data through CASD

CASD is a division of the Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d’Economie et de Statistique (GENES). Secure dissemination of data is allowed through this trusted third party (CASD) so that:

  • Data producers do not need to heavily invest in an IT infrastructure to offer this service to users (delays, availability, software, ergonomics)
  • This service can be pooled between several data producers to lower costs for everyone
  • Data provided from different producers are available within one single IT environment (joint use or data matching).

Data producers retain complete ownership of the data.

A trusted third party will enable the formalization of access modalities between producers and data users. Since 2010, CASD has proved its excellence in administrative and statistical data, opening the way for groundbreaking studies based on the matching of several data sources from different producers.

This explains why more and more European researchers are asking for access to French data through CASD.

Legal proceedings with CASD

If you wish to allow for secure access to your data through CASD, simply email us at, and we will set up a meeting to discuss dissemination and access modalities.

From a tried-and-tested model, a contract will be signed between CASD and the producer defining the following:

  • The types and listing of the data to be made available (data copied by the depositor)
  • Authorization modalities as defined by the depositor (form)
  • Secure data transfer modalities
  • Management of confidentiality of the data in results

Once the contract is signed, the data owner is considered by CASD as a data depositor.


Billing depends on the end goal of the access granted:

  • Data availability is free, when access is opened in a transparent way to the research community in order to enhance Science.
  • It is a paid service when the objective of the study is generating profit for a private legal entity.