CASD’s technical architecture is designed to enable the processing of detailed confidential data in a secure environment through remote access.

Three main principles define it:

  • Guaranteeing the highest possible level of security to preserve data confidentiality and integrity;
  • Enabling users to benefit from a familiar and complete workspace;
  • Minimizing the impact of an SD-Box on the hosting institution’s IT system.

All the data are confined in an environment that guarantees the highest level of security. Each project has its own server within the infrastructure allowing users to access and process data.

All processing is done within the centralised secure IT infrastructure, housed on CASD premises.

To access this environment from outside, CASD has designed an autonomous box named the “SD-Box”. The box establishes a secure web link with the CASD central infrastructure.

Once plugged in with a screen, mouse, and keyboard, an SD-Box only needs an Internet connection. This simple procedure is enough to enable the user to access his project server.