Standard Project

Once authorization has been obtained, access to confidential data through the CASD must be preceded by 2 formalities:

  1. Signing of contracts
  2. Participation in an enrolment session


The CASD is a paid service that must be contracted in advance.
The contractual file is composed as follows:


Signed by the legal representatives of the institutions involved in the project.

A signatory institution financing, via Purchase Order(s), your use of the CASD and/or SD-Box access point(s) is qualified as a “Funder“.  The access point(s) funder may be separate from the project funder. There may be several identified access point funders. On the other hand, there can only be one single funder for services related to a single project. A signatory institution issuing SD-Box Hosting Vouchers (CASD access point) will be referred to as a “Hosting Company“. It may be identical to the funder. If you wish to benefit from several access points (which can be distributed in different establishments), there will be as many Hosting Vouchers as SD-Boxes deployed (each signed by the identified host).


The Purchase Order(s) signed by the person authorized to incur the expenses of the “Funder” of your project and/or an SD-Box access point, negotiated in advance with our services according to your needs and the current price list.

The Access Point Hosting Voucher(s) signed by the legal representative of the entity(ies) identified as the “Hoster(s)” of an SD-Box

The technical form, available on our website, to be completed online for hosting an SD-Box.


Signed by each of the project members during the enrolment session that each user must attend. This document governs the “Use of the service” aspects. There will be as many CGUs as there are users.

Price example

Either a project launched on 01/08/2018 and carried by a team of 2 users including 1 PhD/postdoc* for a duration of 12 months (minimum delay for a new project) and requiring a work environment in configuration 1 (i.e. 2 vCPU, 8 GB of memory and 200 GB of disk).

In addition, the institution financing the project would like 2 access boxes (SD-Boxes) to be deployed for 12 months from 1 August 2018, to be used in particular by the above project to access the data.

*a “student access” reduction of 50% is systematically applied to the monthly subscription fee for the last user access upon presentation of the corresponding proof.

Under these conditions, the amount invoiced to the Financing Institution would amount to € 2,723.00 for the first 12 months of subscription, according to the following estimate :

You can estimate the cost of your project via our quotation simulator.
To set up these contracts, please contact CASD by e-mail at

In order for us to be able to open your accesses and if necessary to send an SD-Box, the documents listed above must be returned to us duly completed, dated and signed by post or to the address

For more details, consult the CASD user guide.

PMSI Project

CASD provides a secure service for making hospital stay data available (ATIH’s PMSI databases – Programme de Médicalisation des Systèmes d’Information -). Each use of the data (project) is made within the framework of a secure bubble made available with a software environment, agreed with the users of the project, so that the processing takes place entirely in-situ, in order to guarantee the protection and traceability of the data. To access PMSI data, it is necessary to follow an authorization and implementation procedure described below.


Since the entry into force of the new Health Act and the establishment of the National Institute of Health Data (INDS), the administrative circuit for CNIL authorization requests relating to health data has been modified. For more information, visit the NSDS (National Health Data System) website. Any request for processing of PMSI databases requires in advance that the controller (RT) obtain authorisation from the CNIL and/or declare himself/herself in compliance with a reference methodology (MR) approved by the CNIL.

This authorisation or declaration of compliance to the MR does not concern the Implementing Party (RMO) who carries out the processing on behalf of the RT.
However, the RMO must have submitted a compliance commitment to the CNIL in accordance with the provisions of the decree of 17 July 2017 relating to the standard determining the criteria of confidentiality, expertise and independence for research laboratories and design offices.

Once the necessary administrative procedures have been completed (CNIL or INDS), it will be necessary that :

  • the RT signs an agreement with the ATIH in which it will identify in particular the RMO(s) to which it will have recourse in the processing operation
  • the RMO signs an agreement with the ATIH in which it will specify the fields of the PMSI (MCO, SSR, HAD, Psy) and the periods requested by completing the basic ATIH application form (annex to the RMO-ATIH agreement)

We invite you to visit the ATIH website for more information.


To access the PMSI, here are the steps to follow:

Simulation of CASD quote


Generate a quotation proposal using CASD’s online quotation simulator and send it to to refine it with our teams according to your needs and allow us to draw up a final quotation (for more details, see the paragraph “Generate a quotation proposal” below).

Preparation of the final CASD quotation


Validate and sign the final quotation sent by the CASD.

ATIH Agreement
ATIH Basic Request Form


Retrieve the database request form from the ATIH website and complete it. The reference of the estimate sent by the CASD as well as its amount will be recorded in the field provided in this document. Then send the completed form to ATIH for validation.
NB: The completed form will be inserted as an annex to the agreement with ATIH (see above).

Contractualization with CASD


Contract with the CASD so that your company can finance your access(s) through the CASD and host one or more SD-Boxes. A master service contract and a hosting voucher by SD-Box will be sent to you. They will be returned to us signed by a legal representative of the company.

Enrolment and sending of the access box


Participate in an information and awareness session (called an enrolment session) during which you will be provided with a smart access card after signing the user contracts. To do this, it is necessary to register via the registration tab enrolment session.

Access to data


Access the data through the access box sent by the CASD once steps 4 and 5 have been validated.


The invoicing of access to PMSI data via CASD is disconnected from the right to use the data granted and invoiced by ATIH.

The CASD charges the costs associated with accessing PMSI data (see example below).

In order to support you as best as possible in establishing a secure access offer adapted to your needs, we offer you an online quotation simulator.

In order for us to meet your needs as soon as possible, please follow the following steps:


First, the simulator generates a proposal for a quote based on the information you enter. This proposal does not constitute a binding offer on our part and is therefore not binding.


If you consider that your quotation simulation best reflects your needs, please send a message to indicating the number of this quotation simulation as a reference and/or attaching it as an attachment to your message.


CASD teams will come back to you to confirm or refine your request before generating a final quotation which, once signed by the person authorized to incur expenses within your institution, will be considered as an official order form.

EXAMPLE (for information only)A project run by a team of 4 users for 6 months, requiring an access box (SD-Box) and having a “VM1” configuration (2 cores, 16 GB RAM and 500 GB disk space), would cost a total of 2 454.00 EUR, or 613.50 EUR per user to have access to the PMSI data over this period.

Below, for this example, the breakdown of the cost items from the price list corresponding to the minimum elements to be implemented:

  • Rental and maintenance of the SD-Box access point over 6 months: 6 x 35.00 = 210.00 €
  • A 6-month monthly subscription for each of the 4 users, including participation in an enrolment session, delivery of individual access cards, creation of associated accounts and first-level support over this period : 4 x 6 x 29.00 = 696.00 €
  • The monthly rental of 6 months and the associated maintenance of the dedicated project space (operating system, server space, virtual machine, statistical processing software included in the base*) : 6 x 258.00 = 1 548.00 €

* Base: R and R Studio, Stata, Latex, openoffice, microsoft office (with user license supply), SAS (if user-provided CASD environment license and usage right certificate)


Additional options are also available, depending on the needs expressed by users. You can consult them on our rates page.

In addition to these fixed costs, additional fees will be applied for any request to upgrade the initial configuration and for the installation of off-premise software (subject to technical feasibility). Please contact us directly if necessary:


The CONSTANCES cohort consists of a random sample of more than 200,000 volunteers aged between 18-69 at the time of their inclusion, with a structure proportional to the wider population for gender, age and social category. Volunteers were recruited from one of the 21 social security health examination facilities participating in the project, which were geographically distributed to represent the main French regions. The data collected upon inclusion and throughout follow-ups cover various fields: health data from health examinations, questionnaires and SNDS data (data from the French national system on health regarding reimbursement of care, long-term illnesses, etc.) and hospitalization; data on behavioral components (smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, physical exercise) and socioeconomic data transmitted by the CNAV (the French national old-age pension fund organization) (

The GAZEL cohort was set up in 1989 among employees of Électricité de France-Gaz de France (EDF-GDF). In 1989, GAZEL recruited 20,625 volunteers working for EDF-GDF aged at the time between 35 and 50 (15,011 men and 5,614 women). The cohort is diverse in terms of social, economic and occupational status, health and health-related behaviors. The data collected cover various dimensions and come from different sources: annual self-administered questionnaires, the EDF-GDF personnel department for social, demographic and professional characteristics, the company’s special social security scheme, the company medical records, the SNDS (town and hospital care, causes of death) and social security health examination facilities. A biobank is associated with this cohort (

The Population-Based Epidemiological Cohorts Unit UMS 11 (director: Pr. Marie Zins) is responsible for these two cohorts.

CASD provides a secure service for the provision of data from the CONSTANCES and GAZEL cohorts. Each use of data (project) is performed within a secure bubble made available with a software environment, with the agreement of the users of the project, so that the data processing is undertaken entirely in-situ, in order to guarantee data protection and traceability.

To obtain access to these data, you must undergo a process of clearance and implementation as described below.

Your application must first be validated by the population-based epidemiological cohort


For more information on the process of submitting an access request for data on CONSTANCES and GAZEL cohorts, visit:
GAZEL cohort:

Set up your project with CASD


Please complete and return the questionnaire sent by CASD to the project leader (appointed by Constances) to

Sign your contract with CASD


You can then sign a contract with CASD so that your unit can fund your access(es) to the data through CASD and host one or more SD-Boxes. A framework service agreement, a hosting voucher for each SD-Box and a quote for your subscription will be sent to you as necessary. These must be signed by a legal representative of the institutions involved in the project.
The project manager appointed by Constances will send a form to CASD with the list of authorized users of the project.

Enrolment and dispatch of SD-Box(es) (access points)


You will participate in an information and awareness session (called an enrolment session) during which an access smartcard will be issued to you after you have signed the user contracts. For this, it is necessary to register via the registration tab of the health enrolment session.
Once the contractual documents have been received, duly completed and signed, the SD-Box(es) will be sent by CASD.

Access to data


You will be able to access data through the SD-Box access point once steps 3 and 4 have been validated. The documents must be returned to us, duly completed, dated and signed, by post or by email to


EXAMPLE OF ACCESS COSTS FOR A PROJECT (for informational purposes only)

Take the example of a project launched on 01/08/2020 and conducted by a team of 2 users over a period of 12 months (minimum period for a new project) and requiring a Configuration 1 working environment (i.e. 2 vCPUs, 8 GB of memory and 200 GB of disk space).

The funding institution of the project would like to deploy an access point (SD-Box) for 12 months from 01/08/2020, which will be used by the two users involved in the above project to access data.
NB: the SD-Box can be shared.

According to the above requirements, the amount invoiced to the funding institution would be 4740.00€ for the first 12 months of subscription:

  • Rental and maintenance of an SD-Box access point over 12 months: 12 months x 35.00€ = 420.00€
  • Standard subscription including 1 user access and Configuration 1: 12 months x 238.00€ = 2856.00€
  • Addition of a second user: 12 months x 37.00€ = 444.00€
  • Health Data Security Referent option: 12 months x 2 users x 30.00€ = 720.00€
  • Automatic exports: 12 months x 25.00€ = 300.00€

You can estimate the cost of your project via our cost simulator*.
To arrange contracts, please contact CASD by email at

For further details, please consult the CASD User Guide.

Additional options are also available, depending on the needs of the users. You can consult these on our price list page.

* The simulator does not take into account the subscription required to implement the automatic export system in the rates indicated.

Private project

Enhance your business data

In the “all-digital” era, data produced and held by companies are an invaluable source of information and an often under-exploited asset. The processing, analysis and security of this data is therefore a crucial issue for these economic operators, whether for prospective purposes, strategic management or adaptation to their competitive sector of activity.

However, the latter do not always have the infrastructure, computing capacity or tools necessary to be able to process this data in compliance with the necessary confidentiality and security rules.

Customized services

CASD offers a wide range of tailor-made services enabling companies to analyse, process or make available to authorised third parties the data they produce, whatever the volume, under optimal security and working conditions.

These services are based on a contractual and technical system that guarantees the confidentiality of data throughout the chain – from their storage within our infrastructure to their availability and use by authorized users. All this in a customised and completely secure workspace. (see the price list of our services)

Contact us for more information

Many private actors – in banking, insurance, energy, transport, etc. – are already involved. (see our references) – have trusted CASD and Datastorm to carry out their projects.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact our partner Datastorm or our service dedicated to the private sector.