A dedicated secure infrastructure called “secure bubbles” infrastructure

The SD-Box, a secure access computer box, allows remote access to a secure infrastructure where confidential data is sanctuarized. This place of data storage and processing is called a “secure bubble”.

The SD-Box, specifically designed for this purpose, is very simple to install, easy to replace, and is updated remotely. Coupled with the “waterproof” central IT infrastructure, it forms a coherent set of services controlled from start to finish, guaranteeing the very high level of security that CASD must offer to data producers.

The Data

In the public domain, the CASD now makes data from INSEE, the Ministries of Justice, National Education, Agriculture and Food, Economy and Finance available for tax data… For the latter, an implementing decree explicitly specifies that access must be provided through the CASD.

In the field of health, access to data on all public and private hospital stays in France (ATIH PMSI data) as well as to certain health cohorts is possible via CASD.

In the private sector, many companies are already partners of CASD to increase the security of their data through external access through collaboration with researchers, start-ups or consultants. These examples are perfectly in line with the current “open innovation” approach, combining business know-how, research and the innovation capacities of start-ups.


Key figures

Today, CASD is….

  • 1596 projects managed and hosted since its launch (see a selection of CASD user projects)
  • 1031 user institutions for 5724 users of secure data since its launch
  • More than 400 publications and communications (articles, book chapters, books, theses, reports, conference papers, etc.), referenced and produced by users of the data made available by CASD

The team

A team dedicated to the accomplishment of CASD’s missions for the benefit of its users and partners….

The CASD public interest group is composed of three complementary “business” divisions that contribute to the fulfilment of all the missions assigned to it.

The CASD Director is Kamel Gadouche.


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