A dedicated secure infrastructure: “The bubble”

The SD-Box enables access remotely to a secure infrastructure where confidential data is safe from harm. This storage and processing environment is referred to as “the bubble”.

The SD-Box was conceived with this in mind, and is very easy to install, replace and update remotely. Coupled with the central IT infrastructure, it constitutes the corner stone of the CASD safety mechanism.


In the public sector, CASD makes Insee data available, as well as data from the Justice, Education, Agriculture and Finance ministries. A decree (2013 ESR law) was published for the tax data in 2014 so they could be made available. The decree explicitly named CASD as the conduit

Regarding Health data, the need to secure access is the same, but the nature, use and volume of the data are different. Users are more diversified: doctors, epidemiologists, bio-statisticians and health data analysts, etc.

In the private sector,many companies have used CASD to enhance security of their data while providing external access to it for collaborating with researchers, start-ups or consultants. These examples are set in the “open innovation” current trend for start-ups, combining the know-how with research and innovative capacities.


Key Figures

Today, CASD is…

  • 530 user institutions for 2289 users

  • More than 200 publications et communications (articles, chapters, books, theses, reports, conference papers, etc.), referenced and made available by CASD.


A team dedicated to accomplishing CASD missions for its users and partners…

The Public Interest Group CASD is made of three complementary business ‘poles’ all contributing to the accomplishment of CASD’s missions.

The director is Kamel Gadouche.