Enrolment session

As soon as your authorization process has begun with the relevant authority, public statistic data or health data, you can register for an “enrolment session”. This mandatory step, consisting of an awareness training and the enrolment of your fingerprints on your access card, allows CASD to grant users access to confidential data.

Awareness training occur every month and last for about two hours.

A session includes:

  • A description of the secured remote server
  • A demonstration of:
    • The connection
    • The workspace
    • Importing and exporting methods
  • Awareness training on security issues
  • A description of the legal framework for confidential data, namely legal formalities to be carried out when necessary
  • A presentation of confidentiality rules (statistical secrecy, fiscal secrecy…)
  • A description of the various types of output control and the thresholds for projects with automatic exports
  • A presentation of available data

Participants will get an appointment to come on CASD’s premises and get an access card with a microchip on which a signature of your fingerprint will be inscribed. No biometric data is stored at CASD. Your fingerprints are encrypted on your card (individual support). You will also test the connection process.
You will have to sign the Terms and Conditions of Use. Every aspect of your use of CASD services is covered by this document. All users wishing to work on a common project will have to enroll and sign this document.

The CASD access card you will receive is strictly individual. You must not, under any circumstances, lend it out or let someone else use it.

An enrolment session is valid for 4 years. If you are authorized to access a new project within these 4 years, you will be able to come directly get your access card, instead of needing to attend the awareness training again. For every new project after the 4 year span, a complete enrolment session will have to be attended.

Note: Users of health data now attend the same enrolment sessions as other users.

Registration standard session

Standard session will take place from 2 PM to 4.30 PM.

In order to access to PMSI data : your subscription to the enrolment session will be validated only when your CASD’s purchase order signed and your and your database request form sent to ATIH.

online session: Monday 7 February 2022
appointment to get the card: any other day of the week of February 7
online session: Monday 7 March 2022
appointment to get the card: any other day of the week of March 7

Registrations will be closed for every session one week before the session takes place.