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Apprenticeship reform and the profile of apprentices

Since 2018, the number of apprenticeship contracts signed has risen from around 300 000 in 2017 to 700 000 in 2021 (DARES data). This strong increase comes after major interventions by the State in this field. First with the 2018 law "Freedom to choose one's professional future" and then, in 2020, with the "1 young person, 1 solution", which reinforces the measures to support companies in hiring an apprentice. The aim of this study is to determine whether these political measures have made it possible to open up this form of work-linked training to new groups of people who had little or no previous access to it. So who are these apprentices now, whose numbers have more than doubled? Does apprenticeship constitute a new form of financing for further study, thus making a significant contribution to the democratisation of higher education? The study will therefore aim to answer these questions by identifying the profiles of young apprentices and their evolution.