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Assessment of the Grand Est regional training policy

Conseil Régional Grand Est - STRASBOURG - 2021

The aim here is to assess the regional training policy in the Grand Est Region of France, including the Skills investment plan (PIC), in order to establish its overall impact using the double difference model, and to break down this assessment by system, sector and region. Qualitative surveys will complete this data for a more detailed analysis. The project will also serve to determine the causal relationship between the individual characteristics of the trainees and their probability of returning to employment. This assessment is, first and foremost, an inventory, as it is the first of its kind for the Conseil Régional Grand Est, but it is also intended to be conducted on a regular basis thereafter. The aim of the project is to investigate public action on continuing vocational training, as well as to provide reliable recommendations for improving its effectiveness. This approach is an integral part of training transformation.