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Company and regional resilience

The current health crisis is an indicator of the degree of vulnerability of our regions to major exogenous shocks. The main goal of this project is to analyze the impact of regional diversity on the propagation/mitigation of external shocks on a micro level. The economics literature agrees that larger companies have a higher probability of being internationally connected and thus suffering from external fluctuations (Gabaix, 2011; Freund and Pierola, 2012; Di Giovanni et al., 2018). Based on company-level data of exports and imports (Customs), as well as their characteristics (FICUS (Complete unified Suse file) / FARE (Approximate file of ESANE results), FLORES (localized file of wages and salaried employment) / CLAP (local knowledge of the production system), we plan to trace all input data used by French companies. By combining these data with the Input/Output tables nationally, we will be able to assess the participation of companies in GVCs, and thus their vulnerability to an interruption in the chain.