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Contextual determinants of the frequency of healthcare use in France

Bordeaux Population Health - BORDEAUX - 2021

This project intends to deal with the contextual determinants of the intensity of links with the healthcare system. The study would aim to understand how the territorial context is associated with the frequency of use of care of different types. This therefore envisaged as the study of the frequency of use of care with a focus on putting the results obtanied into perspective in relation to the variables of the geographical context (based on zoning in Urban Areas), the accessibility and availability of care and the socio-economic context assessed at the municipal level. In this way, the analysis will pay particular attention to whether the availability of care and the local socio-economic context may or may not be explanatory factors for the frequency of seeking care. This will involve the use of structural equation models in order to quantify the cause and effect relationships between the different dimensions considered.