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Creating a spatial database pertaining to methane production using agro industrial organic waste

IFIP - Institut du porc Rennes - Le Rheu - LE RHEU - 2016

Methane production using organic waste is a fast growing sector in France. Agro-industries generate important volumes of organic waste which (usually) have a high methane production potential (using anaerobic codigestion). The project aims to first identify residual waste and coproducts generated by agro-industries, and secondly how to monitor how these resources evolved. The challenge will be to capitalize on every single methane potential source and carry out subsequent enquiries so as to set up a spatial database. This database will regroup the entire range of available resource (tonnage, geographical location, chemical composition…) and methane generation potential. The study of methane production potential will be carried out on a small scale to limit the distance between farmer and methane production facility, and so limit the costs for farmers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.