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Diversity of pig farms in France in 2020 and evolution compared to 2010

The project is part of the working group "farms of tomorrow" of the RMT "Economics of food chains" (FILARMONI) and in the continuity of the work that had been carried out during the previous agricultural census of 2010. The project has a triple objectiv: 1) to identify, quantify and describe the typical systems representative of farms with pigs (farm typology) in 2020 in France and at the scale of its regions (or smaller territories), and to measure the evolutions compared to 2010; 2) to produce a ten-year sectoral overview on the upstream of the pork industry, quantifying and qualifying the dynamics of evolution and structural and geographical concentration of pig production at the national and regional levels; 3) to produce thematic synthesis on major issues as the labour organization, the demographics of pig farmers, production modes and sales channels.