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Do urban renewal of large housing estates areas and creation of a new non-social estate offer are inducing increase ?

This study will look at the effects of urban renewal (National Urban Renewal Program) and the associated diverse residential offer. In a longitudinal study of this new housing stock, we will test our hypothesis that this new offer contributes to the process of upgrading the neighbourhoods in which they are located. Thus, we will seek to understand, first of all, the role entrusted to the developers of this new residential stock. Beyond the actual production of this supply of housing, we will look at the role of this housing in the real estate market, the residential paths of its residents, and their relationship to the neighbourhood as a lived environment. Through the different stages of the existence of a diverse housing stock (up to 13 years), we will examine the process of urban upgrading as a means of highlighting the impacts of these urban operations on the three large housing estates in question.