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Energy Saving Support for professional Fishermen

Coopération Maritime - PARIS - 2020

Coopération Maritime has launched the AMARREE programme in close collaboration with the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, ADEME and Total Marketing France. It takes place in the Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) and aims to reduce energy consumption in the artisanal fishing sector.
AMARREE programme aims to fit 250 innovative econometers to fishing vessels. They precisely measure fuel consumption and provide real-time fuel consumption data, allowing fishermen to drive the boat more efficiently. Data can also be imported from econometers on fishermen personal and confidential member’s area.
The programme also creates a fuel economy observatory which gathers and analyses data from the fuel economy gauges fitted to fishing vessels to produce accurate energy consumption statistics. It publishes data on fuel cost trends and how these changes impact vessel profitability. The observatory also compiles a list of existing vessel energy-use reduction systems.
Finally, AMARREE programme runs a course on eco-friendly vessel driving for 800 fishermen.