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Energy vulnerabilities and urban inequalities

CNRS UMR 7362 Laboratoire Image, Ville, Environnement - STRASBOURG - 2020

In a context of rising housing prices, lower and middle class French households have tended to move to peripheral areas characterized by less access to jobs and public services (Lambert, Gobillon, Pellet, 2019). As energy prices fluctuate due to the war in Ukraine, economic disparities have widened between neighborhoods, but also between workers. The most car-dependent pay – in proportion to their incomes – very high costs related to housing and mobility, fueled by unpopular carbon taxes. Many families, whether new homeowners or renters, face heavy costs to finance decent housing.
The ambition of this study is to: 1/ Collect and harmonize data on housing, mobility and economic opportunities in several French urban areas.
2/ Measure neighborhood exposure by considering households’ motility and adaptability.
3/ Identify links between residential strategies, urban policies and energy vulnerabilities.