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Evaluating the efficiency of training programs targeted on the long-rerm unemployed

This project is an extension of the project F0EPRIC in which we have examined the effects of a specific program designed by the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire. We extend this project in respects. First we want to have a longer follow-up period after the start of training to study the long-term effects of this program on career trajectories of the participants. In addition, we will look at other regional training for job-seekers and we will examine the take-up rates of these programs and their main determinants as well as the impact of these different programs on employments. We will also investigate the effect of an increase in the compensation of job-seekers during their training spells on their employment prospects after the training. We exploit a reform that came into force in France in Mai 2001 and that introduced a more payment scheme for a group of eligible job-seekers during their training.