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"Fragmented" company and scope of the collective representation

The project aims at stufying forms of collective representation, levels of bargaining and social dialogue according to the situation of establishments in dependence relationships such as subcontracting relationships or affiliation (as a subsifiary for instance) or in the case of multi-sites company. It comes around two topics: the articulation of emplyee representations and the type of fragmented working organizations on the one hand, and on the other hand, the bargaining level and the agreements obtained as well as their contents on working time and training topics. The "centralized" councils can constitute an opportunity "to move closer" the employee representatives of the fragmented company to the places of power exercise. They can also weaken it according to the outlines of these employee representatives and their privileges. The quantitative analysis is based on the REPONSE 2017 and 2010-2011 survey as well as the DADS 2008-2015 data.