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Intra-company effects of promoting women to top management positions within companies

This project aims to measure the impact of a 2011 reform imposing a 40% quota for women on the boards of directors of companies with over 500 employees. To investigate the effects of this law, our strategy is twofold. First, we draw on the information contained in the Annual Reports of the largest French listed companies (SBF120) to assess how they have applied the law and the consequences on their employees. This first phase of the project relies on an instrumental variable identification strategy, similar to that developed by Bertrand et al. (2018). In a second phase, we relax the identification assumptions of this first strategy and exploit the discontinuity at 500 employees in order to estimate an average treatment effect. To carry out this analysis and measure the impact of this reform on a wide range of variables of interest, we request access to DADS (annual declaration of social data) and Contour data.