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Long-term analyses of precariousness trajectories

This research is part of a study on (monetary) poverty trajectories based on data from the permanent demographic sample (EDP permanent demographic sample, INSEE). An initial exploitation of the INSEE Statistical Panel on Resources and Living Conditions (SRCV) and its European component (EU-SILC) has demonstrated the interest of conceiving poverty in a dynamic way, in order to differentiate between forms of poverty which are quite different both in terms of level and, above all, duration. More specifically, the aim is to better understand the phenomena of recurrent and persistent poverty. The objective is to use the EDP to see if we can obtain the same results as with the SRCV, and, if possible, to extend the follow-up period for individuals (hence the request for a DADS/EDP matching in order to obtain more socioeconomic indicators), given that this is currently limited to 9 years in the SRCV.