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Multi-scale analysis of the residential value of public and private urban green spaces

Today, green spaces are at the heart of many urban developments such as Terrabotania in Angers or ephemeral gardens in Nancy and Audincourt. The literature has amply demonstrated, based on hedonic modelling, the value of green amenities in their choice of location (Choumert and Travers, 2010). This project seeks to extend the analysis by estimating the impact of urban green infrastructure on rent levels in about thirty urban areas of the French private rental observatories. This work will take into account the spatial dimension of the data, both related to the interdependence in the settings of rents for dwellings that are geographically close to each other and to the spatial differentiation of rent setting behaviours. As far as possible, a public/private distinction of its green spaces will be made on the basis of land use.