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Nano2017 R&D program evaluation

The study project aims at evaluating the "Nano2017 program". Nano2017 is a five-year R&D program (2013/2017) that finances R&D activities related to nanoelectronics developed by many companies and research centers implemented in the Grenoble's region. The program also embraces over 30 beneficiary compagnies and many other public research centers. The amount of R&D works covered by the program represents about €1,8 bilion. The evaluation is conducted by the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE) with the support from offices inno TSD and Collaborative People. The study aims at developing a set of quantitative indicators able to describe the activities of Nano2017 program's beneficiairies, its economic benefits over the nanoelectronics sector and the Grenoble's region at different levels : - the aggregate results describing the program's impact in Grenoble and its region, - the results describing the R&D activity and the program's impact on the main industrial actors, - a causal impact evaluation over the other beneficiary companies of the program.