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Reconsider the social position of farmers : sociology of lifestyles and work

For a sociology thesis, we intend to rework the traditional sociological definition of the social position of farmers based on statistical and ethnographic analyses of the characteristics of their work and lifestyles. The statistical aspect will consist of matching data from the general agricultural census (RA), the population census (RP) and the MSA (French agricultural mutual insurance regime) databases in order to create a reference database on the socio-demographic characteristics of farmers and their families, as well as data on their farms and their actual work. To do this, the French COTNS database on non-salaried contributors will enable us to make the link between the general agricultural census and the population census by associating a SIREN/SIRET French company registration number in the general agricultural census with farmers' identification variables, which will enable us to find those individuals in the population census. From this, we will be able to reconstruct the family group in the population census via identification variables of the family links.