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Research program on social relations, employment management and social climate

THE MAI Chair (Mutations - Anticipations - Innovation: brings together researchers who have been working for some fifteen years on restructuring, employment management and social dialogue. The data from the REPONSE survey will be used to conduct quantitative research on these topics. More specifically, the following themes will be addressed: -Link between social relations and employment management: the objective is to quantify the mediating effect of social relations on the link between the economic context and employment management modalities; -Importance of the different negotiation levels: the objective is to measure more precisely the importance of the different negotiation levels according to the subject of negotiation and the sector; -Link between HRM and employment management: the objective is to measure the impact of human capital investment on contract termination modalities; -Link between employment management and changes in the social climate: the objective is to assess the effect of HRM and employment management on the social climate.