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Socioeconomic analysis of associations

Laboratoire d’Economie et de Management de Nantes-Atlantique - NANTES - 2020

This project is the continuation of a research initiated a few years ago from the data collected by the 2014 Insee survey on associations. The present project pursues several objectives. First, it is aimed at documenting the diversity of French associations’ characteristics. In this respect, one or several typologies of their socioeconomic models will be built. In addition, drawing on the data from the new survey conducted by Insee on associations in 2009, we will study the possible changes occured from 2013 to 2018. Our project is also aimed at carrying out an in-depth study on employment conditions (wage, type of contratct, full time – part time…) in associations that have employees. In particular, we will examine the relations likely to exist between, on the one hand, these employment conditions and, on the other hand, the nature of associations’ resources and the volume of volunteer work. Lastly, we will attentively consider the incoming and outcoming labor flows in associations.