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Study of the "yes, if" modality to reponses to university applications

The ORE law introduced three types of responses to university applications: -yes; -yes if; -wainting list/no assignment. The objective of this proposal is to examine the "yes, if" modality: the public concerned, its implementation and its effects. The study is divided into three main parts: 1) Identify how these social representations are construted, emphasizing the fact that the Parcoursup system is now fully integrated into the practices of construting the orientation choices of learners. 2) To analyse and understand both how institutions and specific programs define" yes,if" profiles, and how they organize specific support for targeted audiences. 3) While the "yes,if" system is assumed to provide a response tailored to the characteristics of the students, it is important to question the effectiveness of this type of pathway by following the situation of the "yes,if" sudents in the first students in the first university attended and in other universities.