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The attractions of Ile-de-France employment: spatial and temporal distribution

This project aims to analyze job-related travel in the Ile-de-France (IDF) region. Indeed, there are two types of workers in IDF: the first one is those who live and work in IDF (insiders); the second one is those who live outside IDF but come to work in IDF (outsiders). We will analyze two specific aspects of these workers: 1. The spatial aspect, which involves measuring the number of commuters and the distance travelled in relation to IDF. 2. The temporal aspect, which deals with the duration of trips, the frequency of going to the workplace per week and the time spent at the workplace. Then we will analyze the question of inequality in terms of distance traveled and duration of travel between insiders and outsiders. The aim of this project is to highlight the attraction of jobs in the IDF region and to show that to what extent its influence extends beyond the IDF border.