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BMS : Beneficiaries of social Minima Survey

Years : 2018

Producer : Ministry of Health (DREES)

The Beneficiaries of Social Minima (BMS) survey has been conducted by DREES (French Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics) since 2003. It was also conducted in 2006, in 2012 and in 2018-early 2019. In its latest version, it is extended to the French Overseas Departments (excluding Mayotte) and to recipients of the work benefit allowance. It provides information on recipients of minimum social benefits: gender, age, marital status, main occupation, education and training, etc. It also provides information on the income, necessary expenses and living expenses of these recipients, and covers the themes of living conditions, health, access to aid, relations with organizations, support for actions towards integration, financial situation, opinions on work and perception of minimum social benefits. The survey sample was drawn from the national inter-regime sample of recipients of supplementary income and social minima (ENIACRAMS), managed by DREES, for the RSA (active solidarity income), ASS (special solidarity allowance), AAH (disabled adults' allowance) and work benefit allowance, and in the files of the main organizations that pay the minimum contribution to pension regimes (the National Old Age Pension Fund (CNAV), the Old age pension allowance solidarity fund (SASPA) and the Agricultural Social Mutuality Central Fund (CCMSA)).

Example of data content for BMS : Beneficiaries of social Minima Survey