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ES-PE : Child protection establishments and services

Years : 2017

Producer : Ministry of Health (DREES)

The Child Protection survey is a continuation of the surveys on establishments and services (ES) conducted since 1982. It focuses on the activity of child protection establishments and services, the staff working there and the profiles of the children and young adults in these establishments. Concerning the activity of the establishments, it indicates the number of places, the number of staff present on a given date, the number of days they are open and the number of admissions and departures during the year. For the profile of the staff on duty, it provides information such as the year of birth, the main function carried out, the year in which they assumed their duties and the full-time equivalent (FTE). For children and young adults, the survey provides information on the place of residence before being taken into care, the main occupation during the day and the class attended. The survey describes both the public admitted to the facility on a given date and those who left during the year. The field covers metropolitan France and the French overseas departments (DOM). It has evolved over the years to adapt to changes in the field of child protection.

Example of data content for ES-PE : Child protection establishments and services