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ES-DS : Establishments and services for people in social difficulty

Years : 2021, 2016

Producer : Ministry of Health (DREES)

The Establishments and Services for People in Social Difficulty (ES-DS) is a continuation of the Establishments and Services (ES) survey conducted since 1982. It focuses on establishments and services for adults and families in social difficulty, their actions and their staff. It also collects information on the adults and families accommodated, particularly on emergency accommodations, and departures from accommodations. The survey covers accommodation and social residences in France excluding Mayotte. However, only information on the housing segment is made available, covering mother-child reception establishments (or mother-and-child centres); accommodation and social reintegration centres (CHRS); other reception centers (non-contracted establishments), which are emergency, stabilization or integration accommodation centres excluding accommodation and reintegration centres and including emergency accommodation centers (CHU); temporary accommodation centers (CPH); reception centers for asylum seekers (CADA); temporary reception services for asylum (AT-SA) and halfway houses.

Example of data content for ES-DS : Establishments and services for people in social difficulty