CASD-IA offer

CASD-IA (Artificial Intelligence) is a service platform that provides an environment for collaborative project leaders in AI and big data Analytics.

CASD-IA is a service platform to accelerate AI and big data accelerate, by offering immediate resources for real-world environments.

Beyond physical and software infrastructures, the platform offers an environment completely equipped for analytical processes. These additional services include:

  • An Internal Support team for the project.
  • Expertise, products, and solutions from the AI and big data ecosystem, such as data suppliers, service providers, or partners of the AI and big data specialist project.

CASD-IA module opens up new opportunities for datascientists, researchers, professors, and the industrial sector, by providing an optimal environment so they can focus on processing data and innovation.

The platform is run in SAAS or PAAS mode for data analysts and can offer tools and services for statistical analysis and data visualization.

For example:

  • Statistics (Ex: R-Evolution)
  • Machine learning (MLlib, MAHOUT, SPARK)
  • Deep Learning (TensorFlow…)
  • General (Ex: Python)
  • Data Mining (Ex: Knime)
  • Graphics (Ex: Dataviz, R-Shiny, Bokeh)
  • Appstore analytics

Along with the abovementioned tools, the platform includes access tools and infrastructure management services: access portals, user interface and collaborative tools.

The internal support team is made up of experts whose mission is to maintain and improve this platform. For the initial phase, this team will establish CASD-IA service speculations based on the needs from the ‘Proof of Concept’.

The CASD-IA team is also there for the users to support them in their projects, through training on AI and big data ecosystem tools (Spark, Cloudera, Hadoop, Python, R …) and advice regarding Appstore analytics.