Data Management Plan (DMP)

With data accessibility policies bringing the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) principles to the forefront of data management, the obligation for researchers to put in place a Data Management Plan has taken hold, whether for the data they produce themselves or for the data they use for their research work.

In particular, for any funding application, whether in France, notably to the ANR, to the Commission for European projects, or for example to the NSF in the United States, such a DMP must be produced to answer the major questions posed in order to guarantee the transparency, reproducibility and legitimacy of the use of these data:

• What data is used, how is it produced and what is its quality?
• How are they documented, and is this documentation accessible?
• How will data be secured, stored and backed up during research, and archived over time?
• What are the legal and ethical requirements for producing and processing this data?
• How will this data be shared, and potentially made available to other research projects?

In the case of confidential data, questions of security and sharing naturally raise specific issues, and researchers applying for funding for work that will use CASD data, and in some cases also import their own data, must therefore be able to describe the procedures that fall to the producers, the CASD and the Comité du secret statistique for data, access to their documentation, protection of confidentiality, and access to other researchers.

To help them, CASD provides users, on request, with a Data Management Plan for the data they intend to use within CASD.