“The beyond Gross domestic product (GDP) agenda : past, present, visions for the future”

Call for proposals for the Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders (CESS) in Paris, October 15-16, 2024

Since the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi report in 2009, a great deal of work has been undertaken by statisticians and researchers to broaden the focus of GDP and take better account in national accounts of crucial issues such as inequality, the environment and sustainability.

In the current context, where this debate is becoming ever more pressing, the international statistical community has committed itself to expanding national accounts. Where do we stand? How are users grasping this work, which is central to public policy and citizens? What new data sources are needed, and how accessible are they to researchers?

On October 15 and 16, Paris will host the 2024 edition of the Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, which brings together statisticians, researchers and users every two years under the aegis of ESAC (European Statistical Advisory Committee).

The conference is organized by Insee in partnership with the Banque de France, which will host the conference, the Paris School of Economics, CNIS and CASD for France, and Eurostat and the European Central Bank for the European Union.

Abstracts are due by April 30.

See the call for proposals and all the information on the website https://www.cess2024.insee.fr/