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Access to vocational training for employees and corporate investment in training: what is the role played by the consolidation of economic activities ?

This project will first address spatial differences in the access to vocational training. We will study the determining factors in access to vocational training for private sector employees. Previous results have shown that density of population have less access to vocational training. We will question this result and then focus on access to training course duration, as they may be fewer training courses in higher density areas, but with a longer duration. In order to achieve this we will use the Training and Professional Qualification (FQP) survey carried out in 2014-2015 (we have been part of the group which has used this data since June 2016). The second part of this project will study the existence of different degrees of efficiency (influence on employee productivity) for corporate investments in vocational training I, companies, measuring the input in the production process. We wish to use this data on corporate physical capital and its output (in the FICUS/FARE databases) on total employee headcount (reconstituted from the DADS) and data on investments in vocational training from the 24-83 declarations. Finally, the variable on which we will focus is company location (which we will integrate to the local employment area density provided by the DADS).