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Assessment of innovation entry exams for the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (Future Investment Program, 2010-2021), from innovative start-ups to SMEs

This project is part of the program to assess competition for innovation under the Investments for the Future program for the 2010-2021 period. It consists of carrying out a joint assessment of several equity investment schemes and individual innovation grants for companies. The aim is to measure the economic, financial and technological effects and impacts of these innovation competitions on the successful companies. The analytical approach used is causal inference (known as quasi-experimental), which consists of estimating the effect of the competitions on the relevant performance indicators of winning companies. To do this, the winners' indicators will be compared to those of non-winners (or even non-candidates) matched via the propensity score technique. The main measures for this project include turnover, value added, employment, exports and R&D expenditure.