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Assessment of the individual and contextual portion of deprivation measured by an aggregated index: the European Deprivation Index (EDI)

Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Délégation Régional Paris 11 - PARIS - 2020

A growing number of studies on social health inequalities develop geographical approaches using aggregated indices to approximate the socio-economic position of individuals when data are not available at the individual level. The European Deprivation Index (EDI) is a European index of relative deprivation which may be used, depending on the research question, as an invidividual proxy of deprivation or as an aggregated measure integrating contextual effects that have not yet been identified. Our project aims to investigate the individual and contectual portion of deprivation measured by EDI. Data from the permanent demographic sample (EDP) will allow us to apply an originial methodology to assess the ecological bias induced by using an aggregated index. Access to such data will also allow us to enhance knowledge about differences in life expectancy according to the level of deprivation.