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Assessment of the R&D state-aid scheme N°SA.59366 for the air transport decarbonization, competitiviness and safety for the 2020-2023 period

This project aims to assess the aid scheme N°SA.59366 implemented on the French aeronautics sector. This is an aid granted to companies of various sizes and to academic laboratories aiming to prepare for the technological brekthrough of low-carbon aviation, thus removing the technological barriers of the French sector, while maintaining its competitiviness. Governed by the General Block Exemption Regulation of the European Comission, the sheme is subject to an ex-post evaluation plan validated by the latter, while agreeing for an econometric analysis using the difference-in-differences method whith matching. The evaluation aims to measure the causal impact of the aid on R&D activities. Carrying out the project thus requires access to data on the beneficiary and non-beneficiary companies before and during the sheme, both to carry out the matching and the evaluation.