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Comforting the energy self-sufficiency of cattle intensive areas with durable methane production projects, the case for Brittany

IFIP - Institut du porc Rennes - Le Rheu - LE RHEU - 2015

“Methane production resulting from farming enables to locally produce a renewable energy using anaerobic fermentation of organic waste. Even though much waste is available in “cattle intensive areas”, spreading more widely methane production is impeded by the indirect costs generated by waste export because of a constrained environmental situation. The methane production project’s dimension, its surrounding environment and process type must thus be adapted.
We will thus aim to (1) Identify within the cattle intensive areas (Brittany will be the archetype) the advantages and drawbacks of methane production. (2) Gather the technical and economic data on methane production facilities in situations (both with and without) fertilizing surplus, but also survey the social acceptance of the methane production technique. (3) Elaborate diversified model types of methane production (dimension, process and type of energy produced: heat, electricity, bio-methane, methane fuel) according to the territorial context. We will also evaluate their profitability, their environmental impact and their social acceptability before drawing an energy efficiency balance sheet at a regional level. (4) Determine the levers for building models which can be used as success stories and establish development perspectives in various economic and structural contexts.