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Compatibility of Agricultural Management Practices and Types of Farming

"The Catch-C project (Compatibility of Agricultural Management Practices and Types of Farming) assesses the farm-compatibility of ‘Best Management Practices’ (BMPs) that aim to promote productivity, climate change mitigation, and soil quality. WP4 of this project will help us identify technical, ecological and subjective barriers limiting the adoption of agricultural practices with a lesser impact on soil quality. Qualitative surveys will be submitted to field crop farmers in the Champagne area, to dairy farmers in the Ille-et-Vilaine region and to the cattle farmers in the Limousin region. These areas were selected after a typology of the main types of farms and agro ecological areas was compiled (WP1). Agricultural technicians working in these four regions were interviewed before setting up the qualitative survey, in order to better approach existing ""soil-friendly"" practices which could be suggested to other farmers: direct seeding, intermediary or secondary crop cultivation. "